Saturday, October 6, 2007

What If...

man could create synthetic chromosomes? Could they be integrated into an existing bacterium and direct replication and feeding just like the real thing? These guys say they can and will, soon. I'll be honest, I shudder at the prospect of sticking manmade DNA into a bacterium. It's awe-inspiring in a big way but I can't help but wonder how potentially dangerous in the longterm. If and when it's finally made, the new bug will be called Mycoplasma laboratorium and it's the latest in a line of endeavors by Craig Venter . He's famous in the biomedical research and genetic worlds but I'd never heard of him. This guy's bio leaves no doubt that he's in the business of creation soley for the money and fame, which is worrisome. I'm all for renewable fuel sources and greenhouse gas absorption, which are the currently proposed uses for such a bug, but there's really gotta be a person at the helm of this operation who's in full command of their brain and heart. Gotta keep an eye on this guy and his bug.

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