Thursday, March 1, 2012

DD Refresh

Nothing like visiting the old blog to learn it's been a haven for "anonymous" gibberish posts.  At least it would have been if it weren't for the ability to reject all that gibberish before it messes up my blogspace.  Time to dust off the old posts and add a new one.  It might be the only one for the next few months, or I may pick up and post more often.  I'm in favor of more posts.  There are great and terrible things happening out there, as usual.  Inside our four walls, our girls are growing so fast and are both coming up on birthdays (1 and 4!).  So much work and so much fun!  Bella is enjoying dance class and preschool.  Vera is refusing to get mobile and enjoys fussing at us to hold her and play with her 24/7.  But she is such a darling little cuddle bug, so we always give in.  Pictures later.

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