Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shocked: What is happening to my America?

For Tony and I, blogging takes a back seat to so many other things these days. But I've always seen blogging as a release from stress. So, when I don't blog for months, there's often more to it than that I'm just busy. In the past half year, the things foremost on my mind are also all over the news (at least the news we watch and read) and, unfortunately, they're of the more unpleasant variety, unpleasant enough that it becomes heavy and redundant to repost on on my rather light-hearted blog. But it's become overwhelming just how many jaw-dropping, ire-evoking, mentally and emotionally disturbing stories have surfaced this year and how their frequency is only increasing in pace. I feel like I'm watching the death of my nation and the decay of my freedoms every day. And at the top of the list are all the new abuses being put forth by the TSA under the guise of "protection". I've never seen anything more resemble the Nazi offenses in WWII movies than what they're doing now to men, women, the elderly & children. The videos and stories are of scared, paralyzed parents watching their children in distress and of modest, decent people leaving airports true victims of sexual assault. And the perpetrators are protected and revered by our government officials. They're allowed to mock, ridicule and commit crimes with their hands. Many have proven themselves bullies and predators and have not attempted to mask their enjoyment of their new power.

And I'm even more interested in what awful longterm consequences we can expect to surface from forced irradiation by body scanners.

Where are the doctors? psychiatrists? mental health professionals? These are our patients, our familes and friends. We have to stand up and be vocal. We are not sheep to be lead.

Stand up!

Boycott flying!

Read and its blog posts and links, especially this one:


and, if you're on facebook, join the "Boycott Flying" page!

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