Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sleep Bank, Cloudy Weekend

My sleep bank bled slowly throughout the week, only to dump me into my call-free weekend feeling wiped. It's taken a couple naps to really top off my tank and get me ready to take on the next week. Having said that, I suppose I'm squandering some of that by being up til 12:30. *sigh*

It was a strange, choppy weekend. Our parents were either working or traveling and so that meant the Pooplet remained with us at all times. Perfect for family reconnection, bad for the to-do list.

And I believe she's cutting a new tooth on the top. I'm happy that it'll round out her existing 5 teeth and make her smile more symmetrical. But heaven sakes, the child is fussy. Cuddly, but fussy. She'll be our delightful, smiley giggly Isabella one minute, then *flash!* here comes McFussikins and her Pouty Lip or McGrumpikins and her disconcerted squeal.

I have a great picture of just such an expression.

It just so happened that the Michigan weather had a similar dark and brooding mood this weekend. Though it only rained hard once all weekend, it always looked like it was going to storm or rain anytime. Don't you get the feeling Isabella could liberate a bolt of lightening and a clap of thunder at any time too?

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