Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To Do List for October and November:

x Move from Grand Rapids to Nashville
x Have USPS forward mail to my new address
x Reacclamate to doing my own dishes and laundry
x Tackle new hospital system
x Peds Surgery rotation at Vanderbilt
x Take Boards
x Find reliable childcare for Pooplet
x Help provider of reliable childcare for Pooplet move in with us
x Campaign for Vanderbilt peds residency interview, call in favors with surgeons
x Get much sought-after invitation for Vanderbilt interview
x Schedule Vanderbilt interview (January 30th!)
x Plan Wedding
x Realize that some of the most important online wedding purchases hadn't arrived up in Michigan yet
x Realize that both expected packages were sent USPS to my Michigan address, subject to same mail forward
x Have tantrum
x Visit post offices in Nashville to track down packages
x Set up elaborate plan to have packages overnighted to Michigan should they arrive after our departure
x Resolve myself to plan for the worst: no flower hairpiece, no flowers for Pooplet, no veil
x Parent the always lively Pooplet McFussikins in the evenings until she collapses into bed
x Collapse into bed myself
__Drive to Michigan
__Hope parents don't drive me crazy
__Attempt to center myself and find happy place in the midst of the chaos
__Remember how wonderful it is to be marrying Master Tony
__Get married!


Jackie Parker said...

Wow, what feats you have accomplished! With all that your remaining 5 tasks should be a piece of cake!

Can't wait to see you! With or without flowers in your hair!


James said...

Also, hope wedding photographer doesn't have a migraine the day of wedding (it came Thanksgiving, one day off).

Wow, that is some busy. The more I think about it, the more I think Drake had it right. Go to the courthouse and boom, done. No fuss no muss.