Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poetry Corner, Revisited

First posted on April 17, 2007, this piece reveals in verse what I couldn't bring myself to express verbally at the time. I hid behind metaphors for fear that the possibilities I glimpsed on the horizon would simply vanish. There is overriding emotional turmoil and an impatience for my life to begin--but there's also a hint of unexpected joy. Soon (54 days), the source of this joy will become my husband. All my love, MT.

Vantage Point
by Angela C

when the hillside
so long sought
then rises under
foot, its
petals cradling
soles and soul
in welcome

tell me,
what then?

great Someday,
you evade me
stretching on
and painting
the next horizon
an alluring
shade of

i dare
press beyond

Clarity, you're within my reach
Simplicity, you regard me from a distance

anonymity and
have become the
white noise
by which i sleep,
their comfort
baseless and

but somewhere
beyond this
valley of shadows,
a far off melody,
stirs my soul
to dance

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