Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When I Grow Up

After each clerkship is finished, I usually have to reassess my thoughts on just where it is I'm headed on this medical map. After nearly 7 weeks spent in the crazy, bloody world of general (and this week trauma) surgery, my feelings need some sorting through. Rather unexpectely, I really enjoyed surgery. I wouldn't say I thrived in it (yet), it felt like a constant uphill trek. But I liked it. I loved the challenge and I loved the hands-on healing aspect. And I got some good feedback from residents and attendings that let me know I'm at least not too clearly ill-suited for a career in surgery. Last week, I even dared to check out some prospective surgery residencies at Vandy online for giggles. Problems I have with surgery? Very demanding residency, leaving little time for my new family and my kid(s). Difficult to be pregnant as a surgery resident, as I most likely will be again if not a few times during the next 7 years. So for those reasons, it falls a distant second to peds at this point, but I can't rule it out either. Next up, ob/gyn and babies, babies, babies!


Jackie Parker said...

A few times? Just how many kids are you planning on having?

;) I've told Kyle that no matter how attached he is to the name he's picked out for our daughter, I'm not having kids for 5 more years. He might have to use the name on a cat or something.

Ang said...

The great mystery of the many little Ang-Tony's will there be??? I'm up for more than 2 that's for sure.