Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pic of the Day

The days spent here have been too few.

With the first whisper of spring,
the waters of this oasis
sparkled, sweet and warm.

Draw nearer and enjoy.

The worries of the world
seem absent from this place.

Pay no heed to summer's brevity,
autumn's consequence...

There is no other day but today,
no time but now.

to be unable to return when winter is through.
to find the waters already changed.

Time bends not for sentimental yearnings.
And Justice lurks around every corner,
if only to catch Folly unawares.

And yet, there is reason to take heart in Change,
comfort to be had in true Companionship.

Summer will come again
and bring with it
a new voice.
With autumn, new waters.

Take heart in Change.
Take heart.

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