Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mean Ol' Myspace

Today I realized that Myspace has done its users a "favor" and instituted an automatic redirect of all links to external pages, including blogs, back to the Myspace homepage. Apparently it's to save us from the perils of spam and phishing sites but I feel rather confined by the whole thing. It keeps me from linking to my blog, which makes me somewhat grumpy.

Mistress Angela gets what Mistress Angela wants!

Thankfully, there's always a friendly neighborhood hacker who has solved the issue long before you knew it existed. Thank you, Mochtar Djoko, for helping me around Myspace's ridiculous redirects. I can now rest my weary mind.

Check out my new fix by clicking the Daily Dose box on my page. Yeah, it's magic.

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Tondar said...

No, Mistress Angela wants what Mistress Angela gets!