Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Lyrics


Artists: Dean Martin & Paris Bennett
Album: Forever Cool
Year: 2007

Baby-O, You I dig
Like-a the most ooh really big
Love the shape of your brow
Love your ooh, Love your ah, Love your wow

Baby-O, Tell me true
Could you go for me too?
Cross your heart if it's so
That you're mine, hope to die, Baby-O

Baby-O, you won't quit
Like I mean this is it
Love your mad swinging pad
You know what you're a nut and I'm glad
That's nice

Ah Baby-O, May I fly
In a plane through the sky
Writing words just to show
That you're my ten mile high, Baby-O

Baby-O, sugarplum
You are so yummy yum
Plus to wit and whereas
And tres jolie
And all that jazz

Baby-O, there are laws
So I wrote to old Santa Claus
Under my mistletoe
Just for one, please leave one

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