Sunday, September 30, 2007


Not that I didn't already know about the wonders of Photoshop, but these before and afters (click on Portfolio at the top of the main page) are something to see. If I was Brittany Murphy, I would not be happy!

I used to have a bootleg copy of Photoshop on my old desktop but for some reason it wouldn't install to my laptop. But I loved it while I had it. My training method was all trial and error but I got pretty good at navigating the features in the end and I had tons of fun doctoring up photos. Now I have to fumble around with free IrfanView (which is great, don't get me wrong) and MS Paint. But they can't compare with an $800 program. I sure would love to have it again. Which got me thinking...

Over the years, I've had my share of interactions with professional photographers for portraits, events, etc. And all of them charge an arm and a leg. Problem is, you pay before you see the end result, which you may or may not be happy with. Sometimes thousands of dollars. Kinda like medicine I suppose. Anyways, what if you nixed the multithousand-dollar photo operation, recruited family and friends and maybe a local newbie photographer that won't charge much, handed them a book of examples of shots you like, signed a release that all the files and photos were yours, then shelled out the money for Photoshop to clean up the imperfections? You could even get it on ebay cheap cheap. It's an experiment well worth trying.


James said...

photoshop should be fee online soon:

My girlfriend got a student discount for Adobe products. Maybe you could swing some sort of discount?

Ang said...

oh?? even better! that'd be fabulous. i wonder how much they'll end up limiting the free version. i hope they allow layers.