Thursday, May 24, 2007

Free and Fabulous

Since the days of chunky answering machine cassette tapes, there have been so so many messages and voicemails I would've loved to have saved. Hilarious ones, sentimental ones. And even if I tell my voicemail to save my favorites, it purges old ones after a while and I lose them anyway. *grr* So I found exactly what I was looking for today in GotVoice, a service that dials into your voicemail and records messages as mp3s! And you bet, it's FREE. I wasn't used to using a PIN to get my voicemail from out of area, so it took a trip to my provider (T-Mobile) website to figure out how to set one up. But that was the only snag I ran into and I still had it up and running in about 15 min. If you have a major national provider, chances are it'll work for you.

1 comment:

Tondar said...

Finally, I will be able to save Frank's ridicule for the world.