Thursday, May 17, 2007

Free and Fabulous

Got another little program worthy of passing along. The very handy Replay Media Catcher records streaming audio and video straight from the internet. It's proven especially handy for recording songs and such from myspace or remixes that just can't be found anywhere else but in streaming audio. With a couple clicks, the Catcher converts streaming audio to an mp3 or flash video into a file playable using the flash player that comes bundled with the program. The one drawback is that the free demo version only captures 75% of the file. But I've found that to be good enough for my purposes (the full version is a rather pricey $39.95). If you're not interested in the video component, there's a music-only Replay Music that lets you record 25 full-length songs for free before making you buy (also $39.95).

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